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Alliance of Merger And Acquisition Advisors
Winter Conference 2016

"22 Favors of Value Growth"

In the world of midmarket business transitions, advisors from numerous
finance-related practice areas contribute to a successful result for the

This conference panel session will present various disciplines and
practices key to value growth for companies in the months and years
leading up to and through a potential transaction. These specialty
advisors focus on areas such as strategic planning, marketing,
operations, sales, manufacturing, technology and others.

Watch this video of Dr. Curtis Odom explaining how his firm, Prescient
Strategists, use their particular expertise as contributions to value
growth in companies and, when applicable, the impact on an owner's
transition choices.



"Early Culture Integration for a Healthy Merger"

A company’s culture is the mindset about the beliefs, attitudes and
actions that a company maintains to satisfy its customers while ensuring
the success of its people and the organization as a whole. In a merger,
however, the corporate culture of one organization may not reflect that
of its acquiring company although each is committed to the success of a
deal that is good for both the sell- and the buy-side companies.

Listen to the podcast of Dr. Curtis Odom, recipient of Corporate
LiveWire’s Post-Merger Integration Advisor of the Year (USA) award in
2016, emphasize how important early cultural integration is to the
long-term success of a sale or merger.