Human Capital Advisory

Getting Strategic About Talent Management

Having a human capital strategy at the start allows for everything from quick advice, to navigating more complex issues. Our clients’ needs change over time as different growth milestones are hit.

How would you answer these questions for your organization?

• What is your HR strategy?

• How well do you measure HR efficiency?

• How well do you measure HR effectiveness?

• How can we attract and hire the best global talent?

• How can we make the best choices of where to locate and develop businesses worldwide?

• What is the best mix of build, buy, and borrow talent?

• What areas and groups will be most severely impacted by impending retirements?

• What capabilities will be needed in the next five years that we don’t currently have? 

• How can talent be deployed and leveraged so that organizational risk is managed effectively? 

Answering these questions leads to strategic success with your Human Capital. Prescient Strategists provides clients with methods to assess, and practices to address any urgent issues. From our experience, planning in advance for any upcoming operational human capital needs will ensure that you have the right people, in the right roles, with the right skills to execute your business strategy.

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