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Through A Practical Approach To Culture Change

Addressing culture when two companies integrate is a rigorous program with clearly stated objectives should be put in place to address cultural integration. Too often, culture is presented as a wooly and soft topic. When that happens, executives tend to slight the issue. This can generally be avoided by linking the cultural program to measurable business results. There are several steps to doing this:

  1. Make culture a major component of the change management work stream.
  2. Identify who "owns" corporate culture and have them report to senior management.
  3. Insist that the cultural work focuses on the tangible and the measurable.
  4. Consider the strengths of both existing cultures, not just the weaknesses.
  5. Implement a decision-making process that is not hampered by cultural differences.
  6. Build the employee brand with a view toward how it will be understood by employees.

Our APEX™ Culture Change Model (CCM) defines how a merged entity will go to market and how it will integrate its back office functions. Where there are business-critical integration points (for example, sales force integration, hand-offs from R&D to manufacturing or from manufacturing to field support) and a short time available for integration, it is important to focus on the flow of work: how objects or information are passed from group to group or whether information is shared effectively.

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