Value Opportunity Profile® (“VOP®”)

The Roadmap To Maximizing Value

What is the VOP®?

The Value Opportunity Profile® (“VOP®”) is a private labeled, cloud-based business assessment and strategic value enhancement platform designed to strengthen companies, prepare them for growth, and maximize long-term value. Developed for companies with revenues from $5M – $300M, the VOP® can help increase company values by 80% – 100%, independent of revenue and earnings growth, over a 2 – 5 year period.

The VOP® assesses a company across the entire enterprise, providing quality and risk ratings for 47 different categories, a baseline estimate of current business value, a detailed Roadmap of recommended initiatives to maximize future value, and a dashboard to conduct “what if?” analysis, all in a cost-effective, time-efficient tool that can be used in multiple applications. Our client offering targets those forward thinking organizations that are realizing that they must develop the relevant leadership skills in all their people to help transform the diversity of their global organizations into a competitive advantage.

What are the benefits of the VOP®?

Most Private Business Owners never come close to maximizing business value. The VOP® is a platform that will enable our clients to evolve to the next generation, from being purely retrospective and/or compliance focused to becoming prospective and strategic focused.  We believe most clients leave more than half of their market potential on the table, by not understanding how to build their value, and the VOP® is the platform to help our clients capture that market opportunity.

The VOP® will identify, prioritize, and address the company-specific risks that are depressing value and obstructing long term sustainable growth. Using the VOP® provides our clients with an effective and efficient roadmap value improvement initiatives, improving sustainable growth capability and/or transaction/financing outcome.

The VOP® improves client relationships, distinguishing our clients' business reputation, and unlocks more client growth opportunities.

Declarative Statement: Prescient Strategists, LLC. does not sell or provide any legal, or financial advice of any kind as we are NOT attorneys, investment bankers, licensed brokers, or licensed dealers. The VOP questionnaire, all VOP report content, and all algorithms used to generate the VOP report are the property of Corporate Value Metrics, LLC. Any use of such information or intellectual property, without the expressed written consent of Corporate Value Metrics, LLC, is prohibited.