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In good times, large-scale change can happen at a more leisurely pace with every aspect of the operation carefully scrutinized. Today, organizations are often forced to restructure and integrate operations fast, whether a major financial services organization is merged or a hi-tech start-up is acquired. In the public sector, there are often intense political pressures to show efficiencies from the merger/reorganization while at the same time improving the customer experience and lifting staff morale.  

We work with executive teams so they are crystal clear on the business impact of the desired culture and what they need to change in their own behavior and team culture. This can include working with executive leaders over a period from six weeks to six months to ensure they can visibly and effectively lead and engage all stakeholder groups.

At Prescient Strategists, we believe that successful change is due to how the cultural and human sides of major change are addressed. So even in the midst of economic turmoil, organizations can focus on the human and cultural elements during post-merger activity. 

Through our extensive experience and research we know that the culture and human side is fundamental to large-scale change success. It needs to be an integral part of the post-merger plan and is essential to preventing derailment. However, this is not just about minimizing risk; it is about creating the essential conditions essential for achieving the strategic goals of a large-scale organizational change.

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