Focusing Your Strategy Forward™

Who We Are

We are a Boston based management consulting firm with an intense focus on client success with post-merger integration, and enterprise change management.

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Where We Focus

We are trusted advisors and coaches providing solutions to complex change management challenges that could hinder the execution of their business strategy.

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How We Work

We employ an organized and logical approach to match the unique requirements of the client merger and acquisition, with a focus on value creation rather than just on integration.

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Why Choose Us

We are thinking partners with our clients as they prepare for in advance, rather than react in the moment to internal and external challenges in achieving tangible business results.

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APEX™ Culture Change Model

Our APEX™ Culture Change Model employs a set of concepts and tools to accelerate any post-merger integration. Our proprietary practitioners toolkit is a proven user-friendly method that is easily adopted which facilitates increased internal knowledge, skills, and abilities to arrive at a positive outcome of our clients' merger or acquisition transaction. 

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